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Why does your Ho.Re.Ca business needs our consultancy service

In the highly competitive domain of the Ho.Re.Ca (Hotel, Restaurant, and Café) industry, navigating the path to success requires more than just exceptional culinary skills or a prime location. 

It demands a holistic approach that considers every facet of your operation, from the moment a guest walks through your door to the last impression they take home. This is where our specialised consultancy services come into play, offering you a roadmap to elevate your business and thrive in an ever-evolving market.

Our consultancy service is the compass you need to navigate these intricate terrains. We bring an amazing experience and expertise to the table, helping you fine-tune your business strategies, streamline operations, and enhance the overall guest experience. 

Whether it's optimising your menu, improving service standards, or implementing cutting-edge technology, our consultancy service is your trusted partner in achieving sustainable growth and ensuring your Ho.Re.Ca business not only survives but thrives in today's dynamic market.

From concept development to ongoing support, we are your dedicated partner on the journey to success in the Ho.Re.Ca industry.


Helping you chose the right equipment for your Ho.Re.Ca business

As a business-to-business (B2B) solution provider, we understand the importance of selecting the right tools for the specific needs of your café. We assess your unique business needs, customer demographics, service offerings, location, budget, and performance goals to determine the scope of your requirements. We recognize that different café concepts have unique needs which must be considered in the equipment selection process.

We consider a wide range of factors, including online orders, drink preferences, coffee catering services, and the ratio of drip coffee to espresso drinks, to determine the best layout and design for your café. We also consider equipment priorities, and brand options, related to cost and functionality to ensure that you make the best decisions while selecting coffee equipment for your café.

The selection of the right machine and innovation can highly impact your business. Our consultants at Saimex Group are here to help you achieve your desired upfront costs, efficiency, brand image, and overall consumer experience.



Our consultation enables business owners to design and execute an effective coffee menu for their target market and clientele, incorporating on-trend and on-brand ingredients and options including hot, cold, and frozen beverages, signature drinks, and other items. We price each of them to guarantee maximum profitability and competitiveness in your market using our custom financial methodology. We also provide training resources such as detailed recipes and selling points to ensure your staff is equipped with the best resources to properly prepare and promote these menu add-ons.